Day 1 – The Beginning…(a very good place to start)

As the old song goes…this is the “beginning – a very good place to start!”

I’ve been awake since 3:30am – just so excited to start this blog.

It’s going to be quite a journey for me (and hopefully for you too), as I step into the great unknown and  see what the next phase of my life has to offer. I’m praying that it’s going to be a time of discovery, a time of learning and a time of wonderful new adventures!


Day 1

Frans and I are staying in a beautiful condo on Jensen Beach, HutchinsonIsland in Florida. We’re here for 2 months until we return to the UK on 1st August.

This Sabbatical has been given to us (I believe), so that we can step into the next phase of our lives.

The story so far…

Frans has worked away from home for the past 12 years, mostly coming home only on weekends after travelling all over the UK and sometimes, the world. In the meantime, I’ve stayed at home to raise our daughter and have often felt like a ‘single, married mum’.

Then, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just over 2 years ago. We’ve all heard the stories of how people reassess their lives when they get a diagnosis like that, and my experience was no different. Everything came into sharper focus and both Frans & I began to look at our lives and wonder…

I’m glad to say that I’ve now got the ‘all clear’ and life is good, but the combination of the years away from home and the Cancer began to wear on my wonderful husband. One day he just looked at me and said, “What is the use? What’s life all about if I’m away from you most of the time and you had to walk through Cancer almost alone because I was away?” This really set alarm bells ringing in my head because Frans just doesn’t talk like that. I realised that something had to be done and we had to get away and really look at where our lives were headed.

Bianca is 20 now and she is well able to look after herself and my Dad (who lives with us), so we took some of our savings and have come ‘away from it all’ – together :-).

Our view…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Beginning…(a very good place to start)

  1. Hi Lisa and Frans. Its great that you’ve been given the all clear and to know that you are both using this time to reflect on life itself and what you really want from it. That’s what health scares normally does – makes one really think about things normally not thought off. But its great you are doing it together! See you when you get back. Jean xx

  2. Lisa and Frans, how wonderful for you both. Lisa, my dear friend, I am so pleased that you have been given the all clear and I can’t wait to catch up with you on your return.
    Much love from both if us. Sharron and Alexander

  3. Hi Guys,
    I’m sure that you the decision to take this sabbatical will be a good one for you both.
    It’s great that you have taken the time to think about life and how you are participating.
    Have fun!

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