Day 2 – Fleas everywhere!

OK, OK not literally fleas (although there are sand fleas almost everywhere), but a huge Flea Market!

Frans LOVES to go to Flea Markets, Auctions, Garage Sales; in fact wherever there is other people’s ‘pre-loved’ junk for sale. So we saw an ad (and were recommended by Carol), to go to the B&A Flea Market which is on every Sat & Sun. We arrived underneath an almost completely overcast sky (thank goodness for some coolness) and proceeded to start browsing the first of literally hundreds of stores. You name it, they had it, including…

Matching yellow (and brown and red and lime green) crocodile skin belt and boots

Jalapeño pepper sweet & fiery jelly

No, I did not go and try a free sample…………..


Board Meeting – Surf Style!

And instructions on how to proceed…

Oh yeah!

We passed two amazing vendors that really stuck out in their originality. The first was this guy who creates art on a t-shirt. You tell him what you want and he makes it for you. Fab!

Then, I walked past a young lady who must have been about 15. She had neatly set out a table and on the left hand side of this table were about 20 huge  individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies. She was just diligently sitting there, by herself, displaying what she had for sale. We walked on past the table, but then I just felt that I had to go back and buy from her. I told her that the cookies looked irresistible so I had to come back for one. She said she’d made them herself and that they were 75c each. As I walked away, I opened the cookie and had a delicious bite. I turned around to find her looking at me. As I gave her the thumbs up, her little face broke into a huge grin. OH MY WORD! I started to cry just thinking of all the wonderful possibilities her life holds and praying that she’ll take hold of them and live an amazing life.

Bestest cookie in the world

By this time the clouds had started to blow away and it was SERIOUSLY hot (and I’d forgotten to bring water with). I was beginning to walk like the Hulk because everything was sticking together in places where they just shouldn’t.

The Hulk

Frans & I tried to ‘pose’ for a picture next to a Golf Cart (which we secretly hoped we could take home with us), but just ended up being totally blinded by the sun and collapsing with laughter at ourselves.


Fab experience, with lots of things we wanted to buy but couldn’t. Seriously, how are we supposed to comply with a 20kg airline suitcase weight limit? Good lesson in budgeting though 🙂



Talking about that weight limit (yes, only 20kg’s), I’ve had to learn what to ‘acquire’ and what to do without. There are a couple of things that I’ve learned however, that are essential to Florida living. Here’s…

My 1st ‘Florida Essential’

Water with LOTS of ice

I drink it by the bucketload and it’s life saving!


I also love to learn something new every day and so this is…

My favourite… quote of the day

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams, cartoonist


Well folks, we’re just winding down at the end of another brilliant day. I’m living the dream (mine at least).

Please leave a comment below because I just love reading and replying to them. Tell me…what does your ‘dream life’ look like?

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Fleas everywhere!

  1. Brilliant read Lisa, so friendly ( like we’re having a chat) happy & humorous. I love Scott’s quote-definitely one for me!! Keep having a fabulous time, go well x

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