Day 4 – Ebony, Ivory and orange tape

Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my piano keyboard, oh LORD, so do we!!
There are many different types of skin in the world. Mine is the type that is full of freckles, goes red in the sun and takes about a year to change colour after that. Frans, on the other hand, has skin that just has to see a glimpse of a lightbulb, and he goes brown instantly.
He has delighted in showing off the difference in our skin colours over the years and even though I’ve had just over a month to tan already (and he’s now having to wear a t-shirt in order to stop tanning) – this is the result.

Ebony & Ivory

As you can see, we were on the beach when this was taken. One of the biggest blessings about being here is that the sea is just outside our window.
We ate supper last night and then went for a wander, to see what we could see. Here’s a selection for you:

Frans’ collage

The tall grass that grows on the dunes

Turtle nest

We saw these on the beach one day and asked about them. 3 out of 5 of South Florida’s turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Because of pollution, destruction of their natural habitat, demand for turtle meat and the upsurge in artificial lighting, all of these turtles are on the endangered list. So, whenever the tracks of the Mama turtle are seen emerging from the sea and into the plants, someone from a wildlife preserve comes and marks the area, so that people can be aware of the nest and not disturb it.
Everyone along the coast is given information and asked to help the turtles survive.
For instance, one of the major factors in their decline is that when the little turtles emerge, they crawl toward the brightest light source they can see. This would normally be the moon reflecting on the water, but on a developed beach the lights attract them and they crawl in the wrong direction and die. So, we’re all asked to keep out outside lighting really low during hatching season.

And…a sea louse (we think)

Sea louse

Last of the outdoor photos is this sequence of photos of the beautiful sky we look at every day.


Full moon over the sea


What a beautiful, beautiful world we live in!


3rd ‘Florida Essential’

It is seriously hot here and it’s going to get even hotter as Summer progresses. So, we alternate between using the fan and the aircon -absolutely essential!

Fan/Aircon – which is better? F I G H T! 🙂


You can take the girl out of Britain but you can’t stop her drinking tea!

My favourite…  beverage of the day

Coffee & tea


Question of the day

What is your idea of the perfect place to live? Do you like the mountains? Would you prefer the sea? Or is the view from a penthouse in a major city more your thing? Let me know – it would be so cool to hear what everyone thinks.

If you’d like to share any of the images or the journey with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, then just click the links below. Comment and share your idea of a dream home with us, too.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Ebony, Ivory and orange tape

  1. Hiya, just updated myself on my emails and found I had received your invitation to share your journey- Thankyou! For me the place would always be surpassed by the people I’d want to share that space with! I mean you could be somewhere amazing and be gritting your teeth big time or be with some amazing folks just sharing coffee & doing life! So my bestest place would be wherever my bestest folks were (the coffee would matter too, can’t do naff Ikea type coffee).

  2. Hi Lisa and Frans – looks like you’re having a fabulous time. My favourite place to live would be a villa in Tuscany, with views over the rolling hills from under the vine covered veranda. Cliché maybe, but truly wonderful I think. Italy has of course also the most amazing food, hence why it’s a firm favourite. But I do also like the Caribbean beaches and Playa del Carmen in Mexico has to be one of my all time best places to live. A bit like where you are now!

    • Hi Inge. You paint a beautiful picture. I can just imagine you two sitting on your veranda, sipping a glass of wine after a lovely traditional meal.
      There are so many beautiful places in the world that I think we should divide the year up and just spend a couple of months in different places – all year long! 🙂

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