Day 6 – Getting out of ‘Blah’

I absolutely love to learn. I consume books, blogs, articles (knowledge in any format) at an alarming rate and I am what is known as a ‘Maven’, a ‘Salesman’ and an ‘Encourager’.

Wikipedia describes Maven as: ‘those who are intense gatherers of information and impressions…’. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, ‘The Tipping Point‘ describes salesmen as ‘select group of people with the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing’ and an encourager is someone who ‘inspires with courage, spirit, or confidence’ according to
One of my greatest passions and delights in life is to gather information, compile it into a useful format and then distribute it as needed and requested – passing on the opportunity for people to change their course in life, if they so choose. This passion stems from my natural abilities of being a Maven, a Salesman and an Encourager.

The funniest things happen to me. For instance. I’ll be standing at the top of the escalator in my local IKEA store, waiting for the person I’m about to meet for coffee, and the people that pass me by will stop and ask me questions – ‘where can I find a trolley?’, ‘how do I get to the toy section?’ etc. It’s like I have a sign on my forehead that says ‘Ask me!’

Conversely, I also constantly pick up on situations around me for which I have a relevant piece of information that can help the people in said situation. We’re not talking about my opinion here, we’re talking facts and truth and information that can help. Another thing I like to do is to compliment complete strangers, at the drop of a hat. It’s as if I feel when they need a little encouragement.

To boot, I am always so honestly enthusiastic about giving this information away – completely convinced of its ability, once applied, to remedy/aid/ease the situation, that it is almost always received with gratitude.

So, after my ‘Blah’ day and video yesterday, I sat down and started to allow my natural love of seeking knowledge and truth to lead me to a)why I’d felt so blah (Maven) and b)what I could do to remedy it (Salesman), with enthusiasm (Encourager).

The particular way that I do this, is by praying. After all, if God really is who He says He is, then He has the exact wisdom that is needed.

So, I…

  • Remind both He & I that I totally rely on Him to get me through life, well
  • Spent the day being quiet, instead of agitated (like I used to do)
  • Stayed grateful, thanking Him for all His goodness and love
  • Allowed my body and mind to rest
  • Specifically set aside time to hear what He wanted to say, in response to my questions
  • Listened to teaching that encourages me
  • Reminded myself of the promises God has made to me

Today, I feel much better. I make it a point never to stay feeling down for any extended period of time. There’s too much life to live. So, the lesson I’ve learned is that it’s perfectly OK to feel down every now and then – it’s all part of the journey. Stay with it, figure out what’s really happening, learn the lessons that come and then move on.


My favourite…  motivator of the day

So, may I encourage you today to…


Question of the day

What are your natural gifts and talents and how do you use them every day?

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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