Day 7 – Diet, exercise and…gardening gloves

I keep on pinching myself and asking God why He’s given us this wonderful pocket of time away. What are we supposed to do with it? What’s it for?

This morning as I asked those questions again and I got my answer.

For the longest time I have imagined what I’d like my life to look like on a daily basis. I know when I’d like to wake up, what I’d like to do first thing. What I’d like to spend my days doing. What circumstances I’d like to live in and with whom I’d like to spend my days. I know what I’d like to achieve and what contribution I’d like to make. And I’ve dreamed about that for a long time.

  • This place we’re staying in is quite similar to what I’ve asked for.
  • I’m staying here with the love of my life – my husband.
  • I’m free to spend the day creating, writing and thinking.

So, the thought that kept on going round my mind this morning was:

“I’ve put you in circumstances that are close to what you’ve asked for and now I want to see what you do with it. I want to know if you will keep your word and do what you said you would, when you were here”

Phew… Shape up, or ship out!

I love challenges like this! They motivate me to action. So, I’ve spoken to Frans and we’ve been thinking about how we are choosing to rise to the challenge. I already…

  • Wake up at a certain time
  • Spend quiet time
  • Write the blog/work
  • Have started exercising
  • Am getting enough sleep

We’ve been looking at how we want to eat, when and how often we’ll exercise etc. We’ve chosen to start a new way of eating tomorrow and have put an exercise plan in place.

We want to be honour God’s trust in us and we’ll be relying on Him to help us do it.


4th ‘Florida Essential’

Wherever it’s hot, there’s bound to be lots of insects! Florida is no exception, so almost every window in the place has a very fine mesh screen attached to it, so that you can have the doors open, but most of the little insects can’t get in to BITE you!

Bug screens


My sweetheart and I

My favourite…  picture of the day


Question of the day

How are you taking responsibility for the life you’ve been given?

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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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