Day 9 – Food, food, everywhere we look!

Isn’t that just the way it happens? The moment you start a new way of eating, suddenly you notice (with laser like focus) all the foods that aren’t on that diet!

We went to the market in Fort Pierce this morning and we saw loads of food stalls with inviting new types and flavours of food.

The stalls on the other side of the road were craft stalls, with people displaying their amazing art. This man takes driftwood that washes ashore after hurricane’s have hit and sculpts them into beautiful, beautiful pieces of art WITH A CHAINSAW.

Chainsaw makes…

Wooden Eagle

Isn’t that amazing?!


Two other cute and funny things we saw were:

Floor Cleaning Slippers – Clean & wash the floor while you walk

Floor cleaning slippers

and…because it’s so hot in Florida, you can eat some ‘shaved ice’ to cool you down.

Party ‘Shaved Ice’ maker


All in all, a fabulous day.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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