Day 12 – My life nearly flashed before my eyes…

I know right?! Frans and I went down to the beach this morning and I swam in the sea for the first time since we’ve been here. It’s much rougher than the sea in Miami, but just as much fun.

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After returning our beach chairs to the storage locker, Frans excitedly came to tell me that he’d found a little blow up dinghy that we could test out after lunch.
We blew it up, taking turns before we passed out (:-), and then went out into the sea. I jumped in and Frans was holding onto the back of the dinghy, kicking so that we could go further out. We saw two young boys on the beach and they were yelling ‘Come out you guys”. We looked round and saw two other youngsters who were fishing and assumed that they were talking to them. We went deeper and were having a fab time, until we heard another voice yelling “Get out now!”
A woman was waving at us and shouting for us to get out because a shark was spotted swimming right behind us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We scrambled ashore as fast as we could and heard that the shark had been seen swimming along the shoreline and that they were systematically evacuating the beach. It’s not a stretch of public beach so there are no shark nets for miles
Once we got back into the complex, we decided to swim in the pool. A lady there told us that a woman had been swimming in waist deep water, just a little bit south from where we are, and was bitten by a Bull shark not so long ago and had to have emergency surgery.

Needless to say, this will not stop Frans from swimming in the sea. I think we’ll just be a little more watchful from now on!


My favourite … pictures posted this past week


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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