Day 13 – 12 hours straight…(well almost)!

You read it right – 12 hours!!!

Frans is an absolute MASTER at the art of Focus. He has the amazing ability to completely hone in on a task and, to the exclusion of all else, concentrate until he has completed it.

On the other hand, I am the type of person who has the ability to know everything that’s happening, to everyone and all at the same time. I appreciate my gift but must admit to coveting the ability to focus like Frans can, just a little bit.

So, what has Frans been concentrating on for 12 hours? A strategy game called ‘Heroes’. Honestly, he’s only taken breaks for meals and a swim, but otherwise he has fought battles, vanquished foes and been the hero that I’ve always known him to be šŸ™‚

Another astounding example of focus, that we’ve seen since we’ve been here, is the Pelican!

These huge birds sit and wait ever so patiently until they spot a fish beneath the waves. They literally bob up and down with the tide until they see something. Then they scoop it up in their beaks, letting all the water flow out of the side, and are rewarded with a delicious meal for their patience.

Something else they do is fly across the surface of the sea (literally about a foot above the waves) and look for schools of fish. When they see them, they fly higher and dive straight into the surf. It’s absolutely amazing. Talk about the ability to focus!

Watch this video (click on it to start) and see a pelican in action.


My favourite… Ā forecast of the week

Our weather forecast for the coming 7 days. Love it!


Question of the day

How can you work on your ability to focus on an issue, single-mindedly, until it is accomplished? It’s a great skill to have!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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