Day 14 – Jammin’ Jensen!

If you want to see the night come alive in Jensen Beach, then Thursday is the night for you. We’ve made some friends here and we all decided to go out to dinner tonight. Kess and Deb took us to Craw Daddy’s, a really cool “N’Awlins Grill and Raw Bar”.

Crayfish statue outside the restaurant

This is what it looked like when we first went in. The bar is built around a huge tree – so cool!

We ordered our food and halfway through our meals

Mahi Mahi

Pork chops topped with Georgia peaches, Mash and Beans

Creole Chicken

and then this storm let loose and we had to run inside with our plates of food!

This is how much rain was falling – DELUGE!

The inside of the place was crammed full of all the people from outside as well as those that were inside.

The Bar, plastered with $1 bills and lights

Crayfish mural behind the inside bar

We had a fabulous time and next Thursday we might be able to take some pictures of all the street vendors and shops that spill their wares out onto the pavement for everyone to see.


My favourite … quote of the day

Jerry Chin, “When it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. For without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”


Question of the day

When last did you experience something fun and out of your usual routine? 


If you’d like to share any of the images or the journey with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, then just click the links below. Comment and share with us, too. Sleep well and see you tomorrow Lisa

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