Day 15 – Believing is Seeing

Today we got:

  • Beaten up
  • Doused
  • Bullied
  • Dumped on
  • Somersaulted
  • Scraped
  • Scared
  • Ignored
  • Toyed with

…and all of this in the name of fun! 🙂

We took the dinghy out into the sea today. I jumped in the front while Frans positioned us to catch waves that we could ride all the way to the beach. It was absolutely hilarious and we had so much fun.

In the process though, all the things listed above, happened to us. The sea was getting a little rough and really showed us that we were no match for what it could do. We had waves crashing over us, completely turning my body so that I was doing somersaults as I got washed out of the dinghy – head first under the waves and legs flailing in the air. Frans thought that one was hysterical, until a wave caught him by surprise and took him along the sand, scraping gouges into his knees! We got so much salt washed into our noses that it felt like we’d swallowed a salt shaker.

It was all a lot of fun though and by the time we’d been in for a while, we were both exhausted from trying to keep our footing and avoid losing our shoes, caps and breath.

Here’s to you faithful little dinghy!


My favourite … revelation of the day

I was looking through my Facebook Newsfeed this morning and saw a post by my cousin Craig. He’d posted this comment:

~Put your trust in those things you feel, not just see. Your intuition is all about you, all of the time. Follow that God given internal gauge that is your best re-source always. Gigi Galluzzo

In reply, I posted this one:

~ Some people say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it”. I say “Thank You God that I can believe for way more than I can see!”.

This got me thinking about when I first came across that thought. The old saying “I’ll believe it when I see it” really gets turned on its head when you choose to believe in God. Often, faith is seen as something that is difficult to do, but when I heard this said, I got really excited.

Imagine what a privilege we have as children of God! We actually get to believe for, and in, things BEFORE we get to see them! That means that our imagination can be let loose and we, in partnership with God, can believe for amazing miracles!

What a spectacular mindset to go around with. LORD, I don’t need to see it before I believe it – I choose to believe before I see and watch as You do amazing things!


Question of the day

What fun things do you do with the ones you love? 


If you’d like to share any of the images or the journey with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, then just click the links below. Comment and share with us, too.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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