Day 18 – Reflection! Good or bad?

I must admit to being a highly introspective person. I analyse myself silly sometimes, but I’ve always come out the other side of  ‘Reflection Time’ with a greater understanding of who I am today and thus, who I want to be tomorrow.

There’s a brilliant ‘tool’ that I use to help me to see things more clearly.

I draw a simple table.

Current feelings/circumstances on the one side

The Truth on the other.

By the time I’m finished this exercise, I simply cannot feel ‘down’ any more.

The FACT is that the Truth about you has a way of totally obliterating the lies you currently believe.

The KEY is that you have to choose to see it and believe it and live in it. Simples…


Question of the day

Reflection – Good or Bad?!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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