Day 20 – New prezzie

I went to Beauty College when I was 20 because I’ve always been fascinated by transformation. I remember looking through magazines as a young teen and being fascinated by the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of everyday women having makeovers.

I was amazed at how, with some tools, knowledge of how to use the tools and the willingness to change, someone could totally transform the way they looked.

Ever since then, I’ve spent my life being fascinated by transformation.

So, when my long awaited parcel arrived today, I was so excited!

Looking after my skin is something I take very seriously (you can’t help it if you’ve been to Beauty College), so I’m really looking forward to the results that using a fabulous product brings.


My Favourite … optical illusion of the day

The windows of the Condo have a tinted film on them that helps to filter the bright sunlight that shines in every morning. As I looked out today, I had one of the doors open and one, closed. Look at how clear the definition of the clouds is when viewed through the filter. Cool, isn’t it?!


Question of the day

‘What aspect of your appearance do you really care about and how can you care for it all?’


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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