Day 25 – Here comes Debby!

Isn’t the weather a funny thing? It seems that everywhere is experiencing different weather to what they’re supposed to be having at this time of year.

The tropical storm season started early this year and we’re already on our 4th storm of the season. Her name is ‘Debby’ and this is what she looked like yesterday. We’re right under the orange bit on the East Coast.

We walked along the beach and were literally sandblasted as the wind picked up the seasand and hurtled it along the beach. We didn’t know wether to laugh at the absurdity of what we were doing or cry from the pain we were feeling.

As you can imagine, the clouds are big and black and full of rain. Frans couldn’t resist taking this little bit of video.

The amazing thing is that the vide is 2 seconds long, but when you look at the images below it you can see all that I pulled out of those 2 seconds, by viewing it frame by frame. Just amazing!

The initial lightning flash

The entire sky going white with electricity (look at the cloud definition)

The next lightning flash (can you see the man’s face? His eyebrows are on the left of the top of the flash)

The final spectacle

Simply stunning!


Question of the day

How often do you pause to see the amazing beauty of nature around you?


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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