Day 30 – Treasure Hunt!

If there’s one thing that my husband loves to do, it’s sorting through other people’s ‘junk’, for hidden treasure.

He first went to a ‘Garage Sale’ when he was over in Texas, for work, a couple of years ago. So today, as we were on our way to Walmart to do some grocery shopping, he suddenly yelled, “Garage Sale!” as we passed a sign on the curb announcing the fact. He was so excited and so we decided to follow the signs and go and see what he could find in what this family were selling.

We twisted and turned, following sign after sign, until we eventually pulled up outside the house. As we walked up the driveway, we said ‘Hi’ to the gentleman sitting comfortably in the shade of his porch (necessary in the sweltering heat) and as I turned around to look at Frans, I knew that he was already deeply fascinated by everything on display.

Garage (or Yard) sales are really common in the States. You can literally put all the things you want to sell, out on your driveway and just advertise using a board pegged in the dirt on the side of the road. It’s like an individual version of our ‘Car Boot Sales’. Frans bought  a little aluminium stand that has built in fans. You put your laptop on top of it and it keeps the laptop cool and all for the princely sum of $1!

After we’d finished our shopping and were on the way home, we passed another Garage Sale sign. This time Frans bought a metal detector! Watch the video below to see what he found.

So you can see that just like the Garage Sale is like a Treasure Hunt and so is using what you find.

Frans wanted me to share that life is like that too. You have to actively SEEK the treasure before you FIND it. The same is true for finding the riches of God in the Bible – seek and you WILL find!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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