Day 33 – He really used that?

I have to admit to not having an artistic bone in my body. Either that or they hide themselves very well. Thus, I’ve never been a great appreciator of art. I just don’t get it. And I certainly won’t pay for it!

Having lived in this apartment for over a month now though, I must admit to liking the 2D art that the owner appreciates – it’s scattered all over.

The artists have taken a variety of everyday objects and placed them within their paintings.

In this one they’ve literally placed a piece of cloth on the canvas and wrinkled it and then painted over it.

This one is pieces of coloured plastic that have been cut and fitted into the frame.

This one has layer upon layer of paint on it which builds up a rough and textured surface

This one has layers of paint, a piece of cloth, a grid was pushed into the gold paint and they’ve sectioned it off by yet more paint layers

Lastly, they’ve put actual pieces of wood onto the surface of this painting to depict the tree trunks.

Even I have to admit that these pieces of art are beginning to grow on me. What do you think?


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Day 33 – He really used that?

  1. I too don’t have any artistic bones! Or any desire to pay for paintings. Not the old fashioned messy kind or the modern “stuff”. Your room’s art is still not within my understanding but is certainly imaginative & eclectic – at least it’s an attempt, you wouldn’t want to live in a room that I had to decorate lol.

    • We’ve lived in 10 houses in the 18 years we’ve known each other and this last one has been for 10 of those years. Out of all those houses, I have only decorated this last one and that only out of necessity!
      Bring on the ‘live in it as it is’ crowd 🙂

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