Day 36 – Collared

There’s a lot of wind here as we’re on the Eastern seaboard of Florida with the North Atlantic Ocean right outside our window. This area has seen its fair share of VERY high winds as it’s right in the tropical storm belt too.

So, when they plant new trees, they have to support them for the first few years so that they grow tall and straight, instead of lying down on their sides as they give in to the force of the wind.

They put these braces on them, which are deeply embedded into the ground at at least three points and have a moving ‘collar’ which goes around the trunk off the tree and expands as it does. Then, when its roots are deep enough and its trunk strong enough, the brace is taken off and it will have a strong enough foundation to grow straight and tall by itself.

I’m doing a lot of research about parenting at the moment and isn’t that just what we do with our kids? Keep them securely looked after, guiding them into growing up as straight and tall as they can. Then, one day when they’re strong enough to do it by themselves, we let them go – hoping that all the years of strong support and guidance will equip them to weather the storms of life and not only survive, but flourish too.

Wow, what a privilege!!!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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