Day 37 – Mmmmmm….

We’ve found an excellent butcher and we go to him every now and then and buy his “Summer Special’. It’s got lots of different cuts of meat that are simply delicious.

So, I took out  a packet of meat from the freezer this morning that said Sirloin on it. I’ve been looking forward to the steak all day, even planning how I’m going to cook it and what veggies would be nice with it.

Frans and I were drooling by the time supper came. I heated up the pan so that I could grill the outside  before cooking it in the oven. As I opened the packet and dropped the meat into the pan, I realised that the steak was in fact sirloin mince!!!!!!!!!

I shouted out to Frans and we did the funniest thing.

We both stood there and had a little teenage tantrum! We were so disappointed that the steak wasn’t a piece of steak!

We then collapsed into laughter as we realised we’d thrown a tantrum. Shrugging our shoulders, we then set about making new plans to make mince (but, I must admit – I had attitude!)

Here it is and it was very nice 🙂 Hope yours was too.


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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