Day 44 – What a cool day at the Beach

God just works in amazing ways.

There’s a lady named Julie who looks after all of the maintenance and cleaning for the owner of the condo we’re staying in. I had spoken to her on the day before we moved in and then met her and her partner Karl when they came to install some screens on the windows.  They came back earlier in the week to look at a light switch that’s been dodgy and while Karl & Frans were looking at it, Julie and I started talking.

Turns out that she’s been a Christian for 4 years and Karl for a few months. Well, when we found out that we were both Christians, we REALLY started talking. God has changed both of our lives in such phenomenal ways that we were just sharing story after story.

When they were just about to leave, she invited us to a beach party that her church, The Grace Place (what an amazing name huh?), was holding on Stuart Beach, today.

We got there and they’d set up their amps and instruments. The BBQ was fired up and all the tables laid out for lunch. It was great to be amongst others who love God too.

The little huts under which you can have a picnic and a BBQ at Stuart Beach

…with a fab jungle gym for the kids to play on

The Worship Team praying before starting their live ‘set’

We had a lovely morning and brought one of our friends that we’ve made while we’ve been here, along for the morning too. We all just sat and talked and swapped stories, ate hot dogs and hamburgers and swam to our heart’s content.

What an absolutely cool way to spend a Saturday morning. Thank You LORD. 🙂


Another ‘Florida Essential’

The massive cooler box we used to bring watermelon and water for everyone


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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