Day 53 – A Question of Phase

Frans & I took a walk along the beach today. The rough weather over the past few days has washed the beach beautifully clean of all the old seaweed that washed up during the last storm.

Because of this a big drift of shells has appeared. Frans is totally fascinated by the different shapes,colours and patterns on the shells and loves to take photos of them.

Once he’d finished, we decided to walk back to the condo. By this time the drift of shells was between he and I and I didn’t want to step on the shells and break them.

He turned and looked at me and said, “But you’ll be helping them become part of the beach like they’re supposed to”

It was then that I ‘got it’. How we behave in a certain situation should be determined by what the situation actually requires and not what we suppose it does.

I thought I was crushing the shells and making them ugly and thus useless. But, in fact, that phase of their life cycle was already over and now they were in the phase where they were to be broken down to become part of the sand. I was acting towards them as if they were still in the former stage and thinking what I was doing was a bad thing. Whereas, in fact, it was a good thing, completely relevant to their current stage. So, I was helping and not hindering. Doing a good thing as opposed to getting in the way.


What an interesting perspective! I’ll be looking out for ways to apply it in what I do every day.

Is what I am doing in this current situation good and relevant to the phase that I’m in?


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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