Day 54 – Huge creepy crawlies!

It was like I woke up and had  a sudden revelation over the weekend – Frans, we’ve got just over a week left! So, in typical Lisa fashion, I started to investigate all the places we could go and see before we left (I really feel sorry for my husband sometimes :-)).

We both absolutely love to learn, so we agreed to go to the ‘West Palm Beach Science Museum’. It’s an hour away and we realised en route that we were travelling south on the I95 and that’s the way to get to Miami airport to fly back to the UK.

We arrived at the museum and were really excited to see all that was on display!

First we went into the Aquarium and these are a few examples of what we saw

An exquisite and huge (a hand span and a half) shell. As the creature inside grows, it blocks off little sections that become air pockets.

Beautiful fans

Spiky little guys – look more like skeletons don’t they?

Then came the fishies

Nemo! (aka Clown Fish)

Commonly known as the sucker fish. It literally sucks onto the bottom of a shark and hitches a ride. See the sucker pad on top of its head?

This one is a puffer fish. They’re he ones that blow up like a balloon when they’re threatened. He was as large as a football.

Then we got to the ‘science’ bit where there were lots of examples of common scientific basics, all explained in an understandable and practical way. Like this…

Plasma globe


There were brain teasers that literally tied your brain into knots and were great fun. We even got to see a fragment of a meteor that is believed to have come from Mars. And who could resist but take some photos of the great explorers 😉

Looking to the worlds beyond 🙂

Just feelin’ silly


Next, we went through the insect section. The butterflies were beautiful…

Look at the exquisite colours

…and even though he was just a robotic exhibit, he was HUGE



…and Frans found a robot (and I lost him for a while)


The Egyptian section had real mummies encased in glass cases. This is a mummified child, so fragile that the exhibit can’t be touched and no flash photography is allowed.


There was  a show on in the Planetarium at 1, so we sat on deeply reclining chairs and watched the universe come to life on the domed roof.

Waiting for the show to begin

When we emerged back into the sunlight, we saw the typical American school bus that had brought a load of kids to come and explore the exhibits and adventures as well.

Just like in the movies


All in all, a really good outing. If there’s  Science Museum near you, I really encourage you to visit!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


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