Day 58 – Making room…

I am going to have to admit to something that is a little ‘sad’ :-), but it’s so cool to someone like me :-)!

I had made a note for myself that I needed to clear out and sync all of the contacts on my Outlook contacts database and my phone. Now you must understand that I’ve been collecting these contacts for about 10 years now, transferring them from device to device as I’ve upgraded over the years. There are so many duplicates, so much old information and so many contacts I can’t even remember, that it’s a very large task. I knew though that I wanted to get it all cleared out and ready for the next phase of our adventure.

I found out that if I cleared the Outlook records, they would automatically clean the phone records when I synced, so I set about wading through them all. I removed the duplicates, merged the records that had bits and pieces of information in them and deleted loads. Then I categorised them so that Outlook can sync them with e-mails, appointments and tasks (a really cool feature) – alright, alright, maybe I’m the only one that thinks so :-).

I was on such a ‘productive high’ that Frans left me to it and went down to the pool, while I carried on, lost in my ‘organisational bliss’.

When I was done, I realised that this is a really good exercise to do. Getting rid of the clutter and arranging things in a way that helps you to be most productive, is wonderful. I’m really looking forward to being able to use the new system when I’m back!

Do you have anything that you can clean up and de-clutter that will help you to be more productive?


Another ‘Florida Essential’

I’m trying to get rid of the last groceries we have and so we decided that we’d get some pizza tonight. Look at the size of this!!!!! Probably last us until we leave 🙂


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


One thought on “Day 58 – Making room…

  1. Love the making room bit. Been de cluttering the conservatory/Josh’s hang out room. His old toys gone to a good home (his cousins) who are reported to be carrying them around with them everywhere! More productive?? well sort of, it was meant to be a sort of greenhouse for Josh to grow and sell veg to earn money for his flying lessons! However, it has turned into a workshop for making spears??!!!

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