Who am I?


My name is Lisa van den Berg.

I’m a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I’m an author, blogger, keynote speaker and encourager.

This blog is the tale of my 61 day journey towards finding out what the ‘next phase’ is in my life. Ever been there? You know that what has gone before is now over. It’s just a feeling you have, deep in your soul. Now, there are new things on the horizon. Things you’ve dreamed about for years. Things you long for. Things you feel you’re ready to have…now.

So, for anyone that’s felt this way and not known what to do about it. For anyone who longs for this time. For anyone who is right in the moment with me…I wanted to share my journey with you.

Come with me, let’s see what happens!

Some interesting bits…

What do you stand for?

Love, Compassion and heart healing.

What gets you excited?

Transformation – not by enforced willpower but by heartfelt desire

You got ten minutes to live – what do you want to say, and to who?

5 minutes – “Thank you for being my family and loving me so much”

5 minutes – Video “You are special and filled with awesome potential. Let it out and live your amazing life”

Why did you choose to do what you do?

It‘s what I was created for and puts a huge grin on my face that comes straight from my heart

How and when did you start?

From always

Which time of day is your favourite, and why?

Early in the morning – peace, quiet and worship

In a crisis, what’s the first thing you do?

Panic for 10 seconds and then act

Does it work?

Yes, gets the fear out of the way and then allows positive action

Most useful habit?

Stopping to consider the other person’s point of view

Describe your creative process (how do you come up with something new)?

‘New’ pops into my consciousness all the time. When it does, I act.

How would someone who watched you at work describe you?

Methodical, attentive to detail and passionate

What’s your foolproof prescription for escaping a life-rut?

Reflection – Heal the root and the fruit will flourish.

Who was your biggest inspiration / hero during your formative years?

Not who but what – I had a burning desire for transformation and the flame has never diminished.

How would you like to be remembered!

“She showed me how special I am”

What has got you this far?


What keeps you going in tough times?

John 16:33 (Amplified version)

What do you collect?


Boredom is…

A wake up signal that something useful needs to be done

Success should never, ever…

Come at somebody else’s expense

The future exists to…

Dream about, pursue and live

When all else fails…

Cry – it’s good to get it all off your chest

We can learn a surprising amount from…

Little children

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