Day 42 – My kinda day

I listened to someone talking about their lifestyle the other day. They’ve really held on to God and are pursuing their dreams and have ben very successful as a result.

He was asks the question, “Mark, what does your everyday life look like?”. He went on to explain how he lives out every day and, in particular, what his day had been like so far. I was challenged to re-look at what I envisage my days to be like. The things I am able to change like my attitude, my faith levels, my joy level and what I’d just love to spend every day doing.

So, I thought I’d outline what my day looked like today and how it’s getting closer and closer to what I’d like every day to look like, as I hold onto God and start loving His plans instead of trying to bring my own to pass.

I woke up at about 6:30. I was just naturally awake and so I lay talking to God about all the things that crossed my mind as we chatted.

I then got up and read another chapter of the amazing book ‘Money with a Mission‘ by Leroy Thompson. God is really teaching me that the REAL purpose of money is to see that people get to know about how much He loves them.

I was so excited about what He revealed to me that I sat Frans down and talked to him about it for 15 minutes, while he was still trying to wake up. 🙂

Then we had a lovely bowl of oats for breakfast (which was so warm that we had to put the aircon on to cool down afterwards).

After getting ready for the day, I shot some footage for a new set of videos I’ve launched. (I LOVE sharing what’s worked for me with everyone else!)

When the shooting was done, I went down to the pool to swim with Frans. He’d left earlier and gone to the gym that’s downstairs in the building.

I saw my friend Debs and we sat and talked for a while, until I simply got too hot and decided to do my laps in the pool. 3 sets of 5 double lengths gives me a really good cardio workout and I really love doing it. It’s like you’re in your own little world when you’re under the water, which helps to push through the initial soreness of your muscles until you get into a rhythm and then it’s just down to endurance.

We came upstairs at around 3 and then realised that we needed to go and get some milk. We’ve been meaning to get our hair cut and we also wanted to see any new movies that were out. All 3 of these things can be found at Treasure Coast Mall, so we jumped into the car and went to see the latest Spiderman film.

On the way over the bridge a storm was approaching and the clouds were the darkest I have ever seen.

Yet, on the way home after the movie, all of those clouds were gone

The movie wasn’t great – just seemed to be  a re-hash of all the previous ones….

After that we stopped off at KFC to have their buffet for $7.99. It may be that KFC use ’11 herbs and spices’ , but US KFC tastes different to UK KFC – strangest thing.

Once we got home, we realised that we may have seen the movie, but we forgot to get the haircut and the milk 🙂

We’re just rounding off the day by watching 2 of our favourite shows on TV, before going to bed at the end of a fabulous day.


Question of the Day

What would the days in your ideal lifestyle look like?


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 40 – The Importance of Rest

I’ve been very busy these past 2 weeks, working on a new project that I want done by the time we leave. One by-product of being that focussed and busy though is that I get to the point where I’m just doing too much.

Frans is very good at spotting when this happens – mainly because I start getting angry, tearful and nasty towards him. It’s like my capacity to take on more (which is naturally very high), just reaches its limit and starts to be too much. He’s learned over the years how to see this trend coming and then he lets me know that it’s time to take a break.

That’s what happened today. I was SOOO frustrated and just starting being ugly towards him. I’m starting to realise when this boiling point happens too, and even though it’s really difficult for me to do, I am learning that it’s far better for me to stop and rest for a day, than push through and carry on.

So, we went down to the pool and just read our books, swam and suntanned today. I’m quite amazed at how much better I always feel at the end of a day like this. I’m re-fired and re-inspired and ready to go tomorrow.

Do you take time out when you need to? I’d highly recommend it – it’s a great re-charger. 🙂



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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 39 – Thank you Mommy

My Mommy passed away peacefully in her sleep, 6 years ago today.

I loved her very much and I miss her very much.

Between her and my dad she gave me and my sister everything she could, and I am very, very grateful.

Thank you Mommy, your legacy lives on!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 38 – An anniversary worth remembering

I woke up this morning and realised that I’d missed an important anniversary yesterday.

On the 7th July 2002, I attended an event that would forever change my life.

Frans’ mom had come over to the UK to live with us. She missed us so much that she asked if she could come over and stay. After extensive Visa application process, she was allowed to come over.

Her and I had only known each other in a relatively superficial way when we lived in SA. She took an instant dislike to me when she met me and things were a little strained for a while. I knew, however, that she was alone and so I agreed for her to come over while we set about converting our garage into a ‘Granny Flat’ for her.

To say things were difficult is an understatement. We REALLY did not see eye to eye on most things and either she or I were in a huff , most of the time.

She came from a very strict Pentecostal Church in South Africa and I knew only a little bit about Christianity. It seemed that everything I did was not up to her standards and certainly not up to God’s standards either (she let me know this often)

We’d taken her all over our home town looking for a Church to which she felt she could go every Sunday, but she didn’t like any of them.

So, when we saw a sign advertising ‘God in the Park’ one day, she jumped at the chance to go. It turned out that a local Church had put up a big tent in our local park and they were holding services every evening. There’s very little parking over there and she really wanted to go, so I agreed to walk her across as her hip was giving her trouble and she couldn’t make the journey alone.

My experience of Church was literally going to a couple of Sunday School classes at our local Church, when my sister and I were very young. It didn’t seem that exciting and I remembered only a couple of the stories we learned. During school, we all attended RE (Religious Education) and the main topic was Christianity. My generation all grew up with an understanding of the fundamentals of the religion.

So, as we were walking across the park, we began to hear loud and cheerful music coming at us from the tent. When we eventually got to the door, we were greeted by so many smiling faces and the music just seemed to have gotten better and better. As I looked over the crowd of people that were gathered, I was really struck by how happy they all looked (was that allowed in Church?). Everyone was clapping their hands and dancing (shock/horror) along to the music. Surely they’d be punished for being that exuberant! The people who were singing on the stage were having an even better time and looked like they were literally in heaven ;-).

We were shown to some seats and left to join is as we chose. I looked at Ma and she had a broad smile on her face and seemed to be loving it. I tentatively joined in (so that I didn’t look funny) and soon found myself enjoying the music too.

The music came to an end after a couple of songs and we all had a seat. We settled in to listen to whoever was going to talk and it turned out that the couple who were leading the singing, were going to do the talking too. The gentleman had been a member of a very popular pop group (I don’t remember which one) and he was going to share a little of his story with us.

I have no idea what he said, but what I do vividly remember was being totally amazed at how he talked about God and Jesus. All that I had always thought about Church and Christianity (and all I’d ever known) was slowly being blown away by what this guy was saying.

I had seen, firsthand, that Christians were allowed to have fun (and they wouldn’t be struck dead by a bolt of lightning from on high)!

By the time he’d finished talking, I also realised that Christians could, and should, be ambitious and excited about all that life holds. I am a very ambitious person and all I’d ever heard and experienced about Christians showed that they were weak and always being walked over. What I learned that day, showed me that they were actually the ones that hold all the strength and power.

As he talked, I could feel the huge weight of responsibility that I have always felt on my shoulders, slowly lift off. I realised that I don’t have to be the one that carries that weight around all the time – that Jesus was actually able (and willing) to help me with it.

That day, a lovely lady by the name of Doreen Sanford, sat with me while I simply said that I was going to give this Jesus, and His ways, a try to see if what the man had said was true.

That was ten years ago on 7th July 2002!

My life has changed COMPLETELY over these 10 years.

My relationship with Ma is totally healed and, even though she’s back in SA, we talk often and love each other very much.

I have learned:

  • how to forgive and let go
  • that it’s better to be kind, than right
  • that love is the most powerful force in the universe
  • how much more amazing it is to walk with God, than without Him
  • that we all make mistakes, continuously, but He loves us so much that He helps us fix them
  • that He will NEVER give up on us – no matter what
  • that He always has good plans, even when I can’t see it
  • that He is the only one that can help get rid of the bad and bring on the good – in me and around me
  • that I NEVER want to live any other way than with Him 🙂

He’s my BFF (best friend forever) and he so longs to be yours too. Just ask Him and He’ll throw His arms around you and you’ll begin the most amazing journey of your life.

Go on, I dare you.

An example of what you could say:

Dear God,
I admit that I am not right with You, and I want to be right with You. I ask You to forgive me of all my sins. Jesus, I want to know more about You and get to know You better, so I’m asking You to help me do that please. I’m looking forward to letting go of all the ugliness of the past and finding out more about Your way of living. Thank You that I get to live my life with You :-).

Next find yourself a great Bible believing church where there are real people with real problems who aren’t afraid to admit that.  And that they know how to take these real problems to a real God.
Take time to read from the Bible (the book of John in the New Testament is the best place to start.) Click here and here to go to some websites where you can find out more.


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 37 – Mmmmmm….

We’ve found an excellent butcher and we go to him every now and then and buy his “Summer Special’. It’s got lots of different cuts of meat that are simply delicious.

So, I took out  a packet of meat from the freezer this morning that said Sirloin on it. I’ve been looking forward to the steak all day, even planning how I’m going to cook it and what veggies would be nice with it.

Frans and I were drooling by the time supper came. I heated up the pan so that I could grill the outside  before cooking it in the oven. As I opened the packet and dropped the meat into the pan, I realised that the steak was in fact sirloin mince!!!!!!!!!

I shouted out to Frans and we did the funniest thing.

We both stood there and had a little teenage tantrum! We were so disappointed that the steak wasn’t a piece of steak!

We then collapsed into laughter as we realised we’d thrown a tantrum. Shrugging our shoulders, we then set about making new plans to make mince (but, I must admit – I had attitude!)

Here it is and it was very nice 🙂 Hope yours was too.


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 36 – Collared

There’s a lot of wind here as we’re on the Eastern seaboard of Florida with the North Atlantic Ocean right outside our window. This area has seen its fair share of VERY high winds as it’s right in the tropical storm belt too.

So, when they plant new trees, they have to support them for the first few years so that they grow tall and straight, instead of lying down on their sides as they give in to the force of the wind.

They put these braces on them, which are deeply embedded into the ground at at least three points and have a moving ‘collar’ which goes around the trunk off the tree and expands as it does. Then, when its roots are deep enough and its trunk strong enough, the brace is taken off and it will have a strong enough foundation to grow straight and tall by itself.

I’m doing a lot of research about parenting at the moment and isn’t that just what we do with our kids? Keep them securely looked after, guiding them into growing up as straight and tall as they can. Then, one day when they’re strong enough to do it by themselves, we let them go – hoping that all the years of strong support and guidance will equip them to weather the storms of life and not only survive, but flourish too.

Wow, what a privilege!!!


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow