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Day 55 – The Little Things

Isn’t it funny how little things can have such a huge impact on our lives?

There are tons of little things that affect us and here is a selection of the little things that happened to us today…

Little things that make you happy

– We woke up this morning and the sun was shining which really lifted our spirits because it’s been raining for days. A little thing that brightened our day

Little things that make you laugh

– Frans went swimming in the sea and he found this old hat. It had become home to hundreds of little things who had made a whole new home out of it. As he brought it out, a gentleman walked past and said a little thing ‘I wonder what happened to the guy’ 🙂

Little things that drive you nuts

– We came back from the pool and heard a little ‘beep’. 30 seconds later we heard another one. And then another. Turns out the battery is going flat in the smoke detector but it can’t be fixed until tomorrow morning as it’s connected to the fire system in the whole building. It’s a little noise, but it’s causing big irritation

Little things that make you smile

– A piece of Key Lime Pie – the bestest, most scrumptioustest pie on earth 🙂

Little things that quench your thirst

– Watermelon – sweet, juicy and delicious

Little things that warm your heart

– There was a youngster surfing all by himself this morning. A group of boys were surfing close to him and the lone youngster kept on looking at them wistfully, just wanting to join in. He fell off his board when a particularly big wave hit and one of the other boys held his board for him until he got his footing back. Simple kindness and inclusion – just amazing.

Little things that help you

– It’s been quite humid today and the fan we got from Walmart for a mere $17 has kept us nice and cool

Watch out for the ‘little things’ that happen all around you every day. They really can make a big difference.


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow