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Day 55 – The Little Things

Isn’t it funny how little things can have such a huge impact on our lives?

There are tons of little things that affect us and here is a selection of the little things that happened to us today…

Little things that make you happy

– We woke up this morning and the sun was shining which really lifted our spirits because it’s been raining for days. A little thing that brightened our day

Little things that make you laugh

– Frans went swimming in the sea and he found this old hat. It had become home to hundreds of little things who had made a whole new home out of it. As he brought it out, a gentleman walked past and said a little thing ‘I wonder what happened to the guy’ 🙂

Little things that drive you nuts

– We came back from the pool and heard a little ‘beep’. 30 seconds later we heard another one. And then another. Turns out the battery is going flat in the smoke detector but it can’t be fixed until tomorrow morning as it’s connected to the fire system in the whole building. It’s a little noise, but it’s causing big irritation

Little things that make you smile

– A piece of Key Lime Pie – the bestest, most scrumptioustest pie on earth 🙂

Little things that quench your thirst

– Watermelon – sweet, juicy and delicious

Little things that warm your heart

– There was a youngster surfing all by himself this morning. A group of boys were surfing close to him and the lone youngster kept on looking at them wistfully, just wanting to join in. He fell off his board when a particularly big wave hit and one of the other boys held his board for him until he got his footing back. Simple kindness and inclusion – just amazing.

Little things that help you

– It’s been quite humid today and the fan we got from Walmart for a mere $17 has kept us nice and cool

Watch out for the ‘little things’ that happen all around you every day. They really can make a big difference.


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Sleep well and see you tomorrow


Day 42 – My kinda day

I listened to someone talking about their lifestyle the other day. They’ve really held on to God and are pursuing their dreams and have ben very successful as a result.

He was asks the question, “Mark, what does your everyday life look like?”. He went on to explain how he lives out every day and, in particular, what his day had been like so far. I was challenged to re-look at what I envisage my days to be like. The things I am able to change like my attitude, my faith levels, my joy level and what I’d just love to spend every day doing.

So, I thought I’d outline what my day looked like today and how it’s getting closer and closer to what I’d like every day to look like, as I hold onto God and start loving His plans instead of trying to bring my own to pass.

I woke up at about 6:30. I was just naturally awake and so I lay talking to God about all the things that crossed my mind as we chatted.

I then got up and read another chapter of the amazing book ‘Money with a Mission‘ by Leroy Thompson. God is really teaching me that the REAL purpose of money is to see that people get to know about how much He loves them.

I was so excited about what He revealed to me that I sat Frans down and talked to him about it for 15 minutes, while he was still trying to wake up. 🙂

Then we had a lovely bowl of oats for breakfast (which was so warm that we had to put the aircon on to cool down afterwards).

After getting ready for the day, I shot some footage for a new set of videos I’ve launched. (I LOVE sharing what’s worked for me with everyone else!)

When the shooting was done, I went down to the pool to swim with Frans. He’d left earlier and gone to the gym that’s downstairs in the building.

I saw my friend Debs and we sat and talked for a while, until I simply got too hot and decided to do my laps in the pool. 3 sets of 5 double lengths gives me a really good cardio workout and I really love doing it. It’s like you’re in your own little world when you’re under the water, which helps to push through the initial soreness of your muscles until you get into a rhythm and then it’s just down to endurance.

We came upstairs at around 3 and then realised that we needed to go and get some milk. We’ve been meaning to get our hair cut and we also wanted to see any new movies that were out. All 3 of these things can be found at Treasure Coast Mall, so we jumped into the car and went to see the latest Spiderman film.

On the way over the bridge a storm was approaching and the clouds were the darkest I have ever seen.

Yet, on the way home after the movie, all of those clouds were gone

The movie wasn’t great – just seemed to be  a re-hash of all the previous ones….

After that we stopped off at KFC to have their buffet for $7.99. It may be that KFC use ’11 herbs and spices’ , but US KFC tastes different to UK KFC – strangest thing.

Once we got home, we realised that we may have seen the movie, but we forgot to get the haircut and the milk 🙂

We’re just rounding off the day by watching 2 of our favourite shows on TV, before going to bed at the end of a fabulous day.


Question of the Day

What would the days in your ideal lifestyle look like?


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Day 12 – My life nearly flashed before my eyes…

I know right?! Frans and I went down to the beach this morning and I swam in the sea for the first time since we’ve been here. It’s much rougher than the sea in Miami, but just as much fun.

Click on the picture below for the video to start playing

After returning our beach chairs to the storage locker, Frans excitedly came to tell me that he’d found a little blow up dinghy that we could test out after lunch.
We blew it up, taking turns before we passed out (:-), and then went out into the sea. I jumped in and Frans was holding onto the back of the dinghy, kicking so that we could go further out. We saw two young boys on the beach and they were yelling ‘Come out you guys”. We looked round and saw two other youngsters who were fishing and assumed that they were talking to them. We went deeper and were having a fab time, until we heard another voice yelling “Get out now!”
A woman was waving at us and shouting for us to get out because a shark was spotted swimming right behind us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We scrambled ashore as fast as we could and heard that the shark had been seen swimming along the shoreline and that they were systematically evacuating the beach. It’s not a stretch of public beach so there are no shark nets for miles
Once we got back into the complex, we decided to swim in the pool. A lady there told us that a woman had been swimming in waist deep water, just a little bit south from where we are, and was bitten by a Bull shark not so long ago and had to have emergency surgery.

Needless to say, this will not stop Frans from swimming in the sea. I think we’ll just be a little more watchful from now on!


My favourite … pictures posted this past week


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