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Day 57 – I love the emotion: Pride

Today is the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, being hosted in London. Boy, I wish I was there!

I remember going to a rugby match when we lived in Wales. The Welsh were playing South Africa at Cardiff Arms Park and the place was stuffed! My Dad and I went – him in his Welsh jersey and scarf and me in my Springbok gear.

The atmosphere in the stadium was so charged with excitement that you could literally feel the electricity in the air. The Welsh are a nation of song and the amazing sound that comes out of a stadium full of welshmen singing at the top of their voices is one of the wonders of the world as far as I’m concerned. Both of the national anthems were sung (…and by this time I was really blubbering). And when the two teams came out onto the field the stadium went absolutely wild!

It was one of the best experiences ever!

I can only imagine that the people who are attending the ceremony today will be feeling many times more than what I did. What a great opportunity to show pride in your country, in the athletes who are giving of their best and in the coming together of so many nations in friendly competition.


Another ‘Florida Essential’

Frans came running in from the sea and called me to come look at the sea and to bring my camera with me. This is what I saw:

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