Day 3 – How much?!!

I woke up this morning all excited about going to a new church that I’d researched last night. Dressed up in my Sunday best and Frans & I navigated our way there. We pulled up outside and there were only 2 cars in the parking lot, which seemed a little strange as the service was supposed to start in 10 minutes. Turns out that I got the name of the Church we’d seen when driving past slightly wrong and it was a totally different place! So, we decided to wait until next Sunday and try again and headed off to find a local Farmer’s Market that we’d heard about.

We followed the instructions we’d received and drove and drove and drove. By the time we got to the ‘end of the road’, we found ourselves in Fort Pierce (which is on the mainland) and there was no Farmer’s Market anywhere!! We decided then that we’d programme the GPS to take us back home but we’d go the long way round and drive though Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie and see what there was to see.

For those of you that haven’t been to the US, here’s a picture of a ‘strip mall’. It’s a collection of shops that are advertised on a big signboard on the side of the road. There’s everything from pawn shops to thrift shops (charity shops) to beauty salons to insurance brokers. It’s kind of like the collection of shops we see on our High Street. There are then, of course, malls that are just like our shopping centres in the UK.

Strip mall

Pawn shop

Salvation Army Thrift Store

Unfortunately, we’ve seen lots of businesses that have closed up and the once thriving premises are boarded up with ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’ signs up outside. Really sad…

On our way back, we passed a lovely residential area. Along our routes we’ve mostly seen luxury houses and bucks of luxury condos so I was fascinated to see just a normal looking bunch of homes. You know, the type where us normal people would live and mow the grass, fix the car with kids playing outside. Take a look at this video below…(Click ‘Play’ and then ‘Pause’ for a couple of seconds to give it time to load, then press ‘Play’ again)

On our way back to the condo we passed this trailer park

Trailer Park

and then we passed the most expensive house on the whole of Hutchinson Island. It cost $8million to build and is now worth close to $50 million!

50,000 square feet

So we really did the rounds of the property in this area today. All the way from trailer park to mansion and everything in-between.


When we came home, Frans sound the coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations on CNN for me. I must admit that I absolutely love the pageantry and meaning of occasions like this. It reminds me of honour and respect and working hard – and all the fruit that comes from living with that mindset.

Thank you Prince Philip and your Majesty for the truly exceptional work you’ve done and the legacy you’re leaving.

64 years and still going strong!


Once I’d had my ‘moment’, I decided to go down and join Frans at the pool. He’d taken his flippers and snorkelling gear and had already had a fabulous time swimming in the sea. By the time I got to him, he was relaxing in the jacuzzi and all I could see was a floating pool cap…which is today’s

2nd ‘Florida Essential’


I was listening to this song this morning and I just had to share it

My favourite… song of the day

Francesca Battistelli


I’m sitting here listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach and loving my life! Hope you’re loving yours too, wherever you are.

Please leave a comment, share on Facebook and Twitter below because I just love hearing what you think and seeing what you have to say.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – How much?!!

  1. Hey my friend, lovely to keep up with how you guys are. Loved the song. Great to see the places you’re seeing! lots of love to you both

  2. Thanks for sharing Lisa, glad yourself and Fran are taking a valuable time of rest and reflection. How cool. What a great idea. Are you considering a new vocation as a tour guide or estate agent? You could do with your excellent report. Think of the Tithe and commission on that house. I am thinking of having a look round the mansion. However I am a little bit busy at the moment so do you think you could blag a viewing and then post pictures and video in your next blog. Tell them you are an international correspondent and you have people in England interested in a feature. Have a great time away. Give Fran my best. God Bless Julian

    • The funny thing is Julian that after I searched for ‘most expensive house on Hutchinson’ and that image came up, I realised that we drive past that house every day! It so huge that it looks like 3 separate houses. The locals have been watching its construction over the years and have, I bet, all been trying to ‘blag’ their way in for a look :-).
      I must admit that I do love the ‘roving reporter’ side of this blog. Finding things to share with everyone every day is so much fun.
      Lots of love to you, Jenny and the kids.

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